About Us

Established in 2022, Muther Heifer Design Co is a Veteran/LEO owned craft shop located in Florida! I decided to get into a hobby in which my husband supported. I fell in love with a group of amazing people on TIKTOK who made custom tumblers. Because of their encouragement and willingness to always help, I gave it a shot and began making custom pens. I finally got the courage to make a tumbler. I fell in love making the products for customers. Over the course of the past six months to almost a year, I've ventured out and now make freshies, tumblers, tumbler accessories, pens, and clothing. 


A little story behind the company name - I LOVE cows. I cannot wait to own my own cattle farm (let's be real - it'll turn into every animal I can own). 


My name is Melanie. I am a veteran and served six years in the United States Air Force. I am currently a Law Enforcement Officer as is my husband. Currently, we have four dogs (Meister, Gunner, Zoey, and Chase). Catch me on TikTok Live (@mutherheiferdesignco1) to see them!